About Portraits by Paul Piercy


What will happen to all those snaps, pics and selfies?

A few will be printed, the jpegs or computer files will degrade, the hard drives may crash,

the phones get lost...along with the moment.


A real painted portrait? A bit expensive, yes? No actually, it doesn't have to be. You can have a head and shoulders portrait in oil on canvas for as little as £200. The portrait could be an heirloom for partners, children and grandchildren. The portrait could be a gift for your best friend, a respected colleague or perhaps a business appreciation.


I live and work in Newcastle in the North East of England and painted my first portrait in 1970.

For what it's worth I have exhibited in London, Bristol and Newcastle.


There is an essential difference between a photographic portrait and one that is painted which is about two things; the way the oil colours and the brush strokes catch the light and excite the eye and imagination and then the simple fact that my two eyes and my physical movements will produce an interpretive dimension to the portrait. The camera can catch the moment brilliantly. The painted portrait is brilliantly timeless.


So take a look at a few examples of the two styles I use in portraiture.

The first I'll call classical the second contemporary. Classical is more expensive as there is greater detail and starts at £1250 oil on canvas 20” x 26” or 50cm x 65cm while the contemporary starts at £300 for the same size and is painted quickly (couple of hours) with broad brush strokes. You can appreciate it is all a question of time taken. You would only have to sit for a couple of hours for a fast and expressive contemporary portrait which can be delivered within a week if the piant is dry while 3 or 4 longer sessions are needed with a classic portrait with the painting being finished in the studio over a couple of months with the help of reference photos. It is preferred that portraits are painted at the sitter's home or a similarly familiar place where you would be relaxed and comfortable.

I would need travelling expenses but there is no VAT.


You are welcome to contact me for a chat on 07801 96 99 40