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                                                  THE WORD



I can imagine a place

each separate moment is celebrated
I can imagine a time
each thing
each notion
each circumstance is celebrated
All this will be for me only
all this will be for you only
My soul and your soul wish to serve no master
nor to 'bask in the reflected glory'
of such omnipotence

I shall live forever
by the simple fact of existing at all
If forever exists
If 'if' exists

I have Three Bowls
In this Bowl
I have my intellect
In this
my feelings
and in this
my soul

My soul is simple
This Bowl contains
my childhood
and my ancestral memory
It is hung around with my imagination
and my aspirations
Its containment is my family my community my tribe
my land

It grows strong with questions
the appetite grows with each answered
In this quest
gods are constructed
such is the hunger

I can imagine a state
the quest is not urgent
but shared
gently and knowingly
knowing that we breath the same air
whisper the same aspirations
I can imagine an age
the language of soul to soul is art
I can imagine songs
that taste of paradise regained
I can imagine images
that heal
and dances
that celebrate
I can imagine theatre
that reminds
and words
that fly beyond dreams
I choose to speak with images
and in these I shall seek to speak
directly with your soul

I can imagine a world
the image does not illustrate the journey
but is the journey
as is the song
the dance
and the word

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